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Renowned Dog Clinic in Rohini- Doggy World

An established veterinary facility with skilled doctors is Doggy World's Dog Clinic in Rohini. Our dog clinic in Rohini offers cutting-edge medical equipment for treating dogs. In order to apply the correct techniques for continued treatment, we will first go over the entire medical history of your pet with you. We use breed-specific remedies that are perfectly suited to your pet's health. Before you leave the consultation, our blood work laboratory will give you the quick test results. We offer digital radiology to diagnose pet health issues and prevent more serious ones down the road.

The staffs at our clinic are highly skilled and our Doctors are one of the best Dog Doctors in Rohini. We provide various services which ensure full body check for your pets. These services are listed below:

Vaccinations for Pets

Vaccinations for pets are essential for disease prevention. We will start giving your new pet immunizations when it is around 4 weeks old. Immunization is a simple and quick way to prevent disease, and we customize the immunizations your pet receives by considering his or her lifestyle and exposure with other animals. Every time you and your pet visit, we will evaluate your pet's unique medical records and administer any necessary vaccine boosters. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have concerning illness and parasite prevention at your wellness visit or by calling our clinic.

Lab for Modern Diagnostics

We provide both wellness and thorough diagnostic treatments. It is crucial to understand that a dog should get wellness checks every six years after that. Small samples of blood and other body tissues can be tested for biochemistry and hematology in order to assess the amounts of enzymes and other compounds in the body and make an accurate diagnosis. Blood samples from all the animals we treat can be tested. We quickly analyse each sample to ensure that the diagnosis and treatment can start right away.

Professional Operations


We are aware that occasionally your pet may require surgery to address a health issue. Many procedures are carried out by our dog doctors in Rohini branch of Doggy's World , including:

  • Surgery to sterilize
  • Soft Tissue Surgery for Spaying or Neutering Your Pet
  • Services for dental microchips
  • Urinary Procedures
  • Abdominal operations
  • Removal of Digestive Foreign Bodies
  • Surgery in general
Tests for parasites and deworming

For the health of dogs, proper external and internal deworming is crucial.

There are five crucial reasons to monthly deworm your dog.

1. It successfully eliminates fleas and ticks.

2. Protects against fatal parasitic diseases.

3. Prevents the transmission of intestinal parasites.

4. Puppies should pay careful attention to it.

5. Maintains the family's overall health.

Radiology for Animals

Digital radiology is a service that the Doggy World Dog Clinic in Rohini is happy to offer. Since everything is digital, an x-ray may be created in a matter of seconds. Digital X-rays are a significant advancement over conventional x-rays in that they offer high quality images for your pet's medical care.

A non-invasive process called digital radiology is used to look at your pet's teeth, lungs, abdominal organs, and bones. In addition to offering far better photographs, it can also be adjusted to display much more detail of the problematic area, be emailed, and be viewed right away without having to wait for processing. Digital is also more environmentally friendly because it doesn't require film or processing chemicals.