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Trusted Dog Doctor in Delhi NCR- Dr. S.K.Pandey

A calm, empathetic, and supportive veterinarian is like a cozy blanket. It serves as a reminder of comfort even when you don't need it. Since 2002, the Doggy World Dog clinic in Delhi has been offering its clients these services. The care clinic was built to handle veterinary emergencies and provide critical treatment for animals. Under the inspiring direction of Dr. S.K. Pandey, a team of primarily seasoned veterinary specialists, the center excels in its surgical, reproduction, and ultrasound support, as well as its critical care unit. The Doggy World clinic, which is equally supported by Dr. Aradhana Pandey, is thriving in its dedication to the unique beings of God, offering unwavering care and help to all animals.

Doggy World is a multispecialty Dog clinic in Delhi that's run under the suitable guidance of Dr. Aradhana Pandey and Dr. S.K. Pandey. The clinic is operated by largely professed and good veterinarians. They've been caring for pets in Delhi for over two decades. They have a platoon of specialized stagers and ultramodern installations that insure stylish results for every disease of your pets. They are considered one of the best Dog Doctors in Delhi. Their focus is on preventative care, heartiness, nutrition, customer education, and world-class installations for treating pets. They give guests and their pets the most ultramodern drug, in combination with the utmost devoted care, in constant trouble to exceed their prospects. They're offering online consultations for colorful medical conditions and customized nutritive conditions of pets from the comfort of your homes.

Our aphorism is to give the loftiest quality of veterinary care possible for our cases. Ready to serve and serve 365 days a time in 24/7 terrain, this commitment and fidelity have endeared us to our guests. We exercise the gospel of honesty, compassion, and complete care. Do not vacillate for an appointment during an extremity. We strive to see each case promptly. However, please call the clinic on your way to give us the occasion to give you directions, prepare for your appearance, and advise you of any particular preventives you should take while you and your pet are in conveyance, If possible. Your pet's health and well-being are our precedences.


Whether it's a puppy dog's first vaccination or a heartiness scan for your recently espoused elderly cat, Doggy World Dog Clinic is devoted to offering a full range of services at fair prices.


Our professional staff is always ready to help your favorites. Our staff understands that utmost pet possessors consider their creatures family members. Our Doctors are considered one of the best Dog Doctors in Delhi.


Radiology- or X-rays- help our veterinarians estimate musculoskeletal, cardiovascular (cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems.

Services we provide
  • Intensive Treatment for Life-Threatening Conditions
  • Completely stocked operating room for soft tissue, orthopedic, and spinal surgeries
  • Using ultrasound to scale teeth
  • ECG/Echocardiography
  • Color Doppler ultrasound
  • Automated Blood Examinations
  • High-Tech Microscope for Blood Protozoan Diseases Diagnosis
  • Digital X-ray treatments and vaccinations for assisted reproduction
  • 24/7 Emergency Services